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Volume-15 ~ Issue-1

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1. Ergonomic Assessment of Physical Health Status of Workers Involved in Construction
2. Evaluation of strength and road performance of drainage stabilized macadam base prepared from polyurethane glue and cement stabilized macadam milling
3. Morphology and Static Micro-indentation of melt-spun Al-Si-Fe- X (X= Nb, B) alloys by the addition of Ni
4. Visualization of Large Dataset Using Approximate Commute Time Embedding
5. Investigation the Effect of Aggregates on Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Performance - A Case Study
6. Assessment of Surface Friction Characteristics for Egyptian Highways
7. Combinatorial Optimization and Multistage Decision making Problem Model and solution for Port to Port Transportation schedule
8. Seismic Response of Existing Reinforced Cement Concrete Structure after Addition of Cross Bracings
9. Mount Cameroon oil seeps and their rheological properties
10. Video Concept Detection Using Convolutional Neural Network
11. A Comparative Study of Dimension-Reduction Based on Data Distribution