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Volume-15 ~ Issue-2

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1. Design and Development of Drone to Remove Scale in Steam Carrying Pipes
2. Borderline Security with Human Detection System
3. Development of Indonesia Furniture in Industrial Revolution 4.0
4. Comparative Analysis of Compressive Strength of Concrete Made With River Sharp Sand and Quarry Dust At: 0, 30, 50, 70 And 100% Replacements
5. Design of Mems Based Rectangle Cantilever Using Comsol
6. Validation of Tensile Test Results of Wollastonite Reinforced ABS Composites Using Finite Element Analysis
7. The Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Saponin Glycosides Obtained From Musa Paradisiaca Linn. (Cardaba) Young Leaves on Male White Mice
8. Review of Islanding Detection Schemes for Distributed Generation System
9. Efficient Energy for Low Power VLSI Design
10. Effect of blending proportion and mode of recycled aggregates on early strength of Cement-stabilized macadam