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Volume-16 ~ Issue-12

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1. Defense Science Philosophy in the Perspective of Technological Risk: The Rising of Cyber Dependency in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0
2. Critical Analysis of the Philosophy of Defense in Dealing with the Impact of Climate Change Risks
3. Back -Propagation Neural Network Estimator for State Of Charge (Soc) Of Lithium-Ion Battery
4. The Use of Analytics Hierarchical Process for Determining Long-Term National Security Strategy of Indonesia
5. Thermodynamics Analysis of Glycerol Esterification with Lauric Acidusing Zeolite-Y as Catalyst
6. COVID19 isolation room machine based on the 2003SARS Machine installed in Prince of Wales Hospital
7. Architectural Design: Towards Autism Spectrum Disorder Wellbeing
8. Study on prediction methods of stroke-related pneumonia
9. The Effect of Microwave Power and Exposure Time to Increase Biogas of Pineapple Peel Waste
10. A Quick and Accurate Gas Chromatographic Method or Diesel Dilution in Used Diesel Engine Oils
11. Emergency Response Time Characterization in Multiple Patrol Dispatching Using Stochastic Simulation
12. The Impact of Major Factors on the Performance of Women Entrepreneurs in Small Enterprise Development Bureau in Colombo District of Sri Lanka
13. Evaluation of Repetitive Lifting Tasks Performed In Cement Industries
14. Synthesis of graphene oxide electrode for lead analysis in enamel paint by cyclic voltammetry