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Volume-16 ~ Issue-7

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1. Influence of Corn Starch as Admixture in Coconut Fiber Concrete
2. Traffic Signal Operation, Optimization, Maintenance and Management Practices in the Southeast US
3. The Potential of Exophytic Microbes in Control Empty Panicle Disease of Rice Plant (Oryza sativa L.)
4. Designand Analysis of Fractional Order Transistor Amplifier
5. Drinking Water Activated By Plasma
6. Rapid Prototyping - An Engineering Tool in Dentistry.

Critical Path Method and Time-Cost Tradeoff Analysis – A Review

8. Urban Soundscape Ecology: Considering Users Perception
9. Noise Reduction Disturbance Observer Global Stability and Robustness Conditions Based on the Nyquist Stability Criteria
10. Use of M-Sand in Concrete Manufacturing, Mix Design & Quality expectations from the User Industry
11. The Comparison of Octane 90 Mixed Fuel with Bioaditive towards The Performance of The Otto Engine
12. Characterization of Historic Lime Mortars in Cultural Heritage Building in Udaipur, Rajasthan