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Volume-17 ~ Issue-4

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1. Blockchain Technology
2. Markov Chain Analysis Of Rainfall Sum In A Small Hungarian Municipality
3. Attenuation of Dust and Sand Storms of Microwave Signal at Sabha City
4. Experimental Study of Design and Implementation Classical Controller into Fuel cell/Battery Hybrid System
5. Evaluation of salinity effect on growth and productivity of Rhodes grass (Chloris gayana)
6. Production, Characterization and Optimization of Biodegradable Plastic from Corn starch and Sugarcane Bagasse
7. Synthesis of a printed loop rectenna using metamaterials for effective RF energy harvesting
8. A new approach for solving fractional partial Differential equations via a collocation method based on Muntz- Legendre polynomials
9. Fatigue resistance of reinforced asphalt concrete for flexible pavement
10. Comparative Analysis of Artificial Immune Recognition System based Classifiers for Intrusion Detection
11. The Effects of Abandonement of Projects in Plateau State Nigeria
12. An Analytical Study on Municipal Solid Waste Management in India –Special Reference to Rohtak City