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IJERD : Volume 1, Issue 1

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1. Closed-form formulas for the electromagnetic parameters of inverted microstrip line

Yamina Bekri, Nasreddine Benahmed, Nadia Benabdallah, Kamila Aliane and Fethi Tarik Bendimerad

01-08 full pdf download
MID 0101.067X.0001.DZ
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aned 067X-0101-0108
2. Appraising the Significance of Self Regulated Learning in Higher Education Using Neural Networks

S.Anupama Kumar, Dr.Vijayalakshmi .M.N

09-15 full pdf download
MID 0101.067X.0002.IN
ANED 06.067X/B0110915 aned
aned 067X-0101-0915
3. Ultimate Shear Strength of Fibrous Moderate Deep Beams without Stirrups

Mr. V. R. Patel, Bhavin R. Mojidra, Dr. I. I. Pandya

16-21 full pdf download
MID 0101.067X.0003.IN
ANED 06.067X/C0111621 aned
aned 067X-0101-1621
4. Comparative Study on the Design of Elevated Rectangular and Circular Concrete Water Tanks

Ajagbe, W.O., Adedokun, S.I. and Oyesile W.B.

22-30 full pdf download
MID 0101.067X.0004.NG
ANED 06.067X/D0112230 aned
aned 067X-0101-2230
5. An analysis of work related stress factor in selected industries in Kerala, India

K. Satheesh Kumar and Dr. G. Madhu

31-36 full pdf download
MID 0101.067X.0005.IN
ANED 06.067X/E0113136 aned
aned 067X-0101-3136
6. Constraint Length Parametrizable Viterbi Decoder for Convolutional Codes

P.Deepak Vamsi, Mr. M.Murali Krishna

37-41 full pdf download
MID 0101.067X.0006.IN
ANED 06.067X/F0113741aned
aned 067X-0101-3741
7. Environmental Impact and Forecast of pollutants from coke oven gas and natural gas combustion

K. Sridhar, J. Abbas Mohaideen

42-45 full pdf download
MID 0101.067X.0007.IN
ANED 06.067X/G0114245 aned
aned 067X-0101-4245
8. A Spectral Correlative Approach to Power Quality Improvement in Upfc Applications

S.Sundeep, Dr. G.Madhusudhana Rao, V.Anwesha Kumar

46-51 full pdf download
MID 0101.067X.0008.IN
ANED 06.067X/H0114651 aned
aned 067X-0101-4651