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IJERD : Volume 1, Issue 4

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Annadanam Management Information System for Crm Implementation in Ttd

Prof KVSN Jawahar Babu

01-05 full pdf download
MID 0104.067X.0027.IN
ANED 06.067X/A0140105 aned
aned 067X-0104-0105

Performance Analysis of OFDMA/CDMA Based System towards New Multiple Access Technique

Ashesh Vasalya, N. Amutha Prabha

06-16 full pdf download
MID 0104.067X.0028.IN
ANED 06.067X/B0140616 aned
aned 067X-0104-0616

Svpwm Technique to Eliminate Harmonics and Power Factor Improvement Using Hybrid Power Filter and By Using Dsp Tms 320lf2407

V Siva Brahmaiah Rama, BSSPM Sharma, Shital Joshi

17-25 full pdf download
MID 0104.067X.0029.IN
ANED 06.067X/C0141725 aned
aned 067X-0104-1725

Aesthetics & Ergonomics Design Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber- A Case Study

Prof. Chavan Dattatraya K, Prof. L. S Utpat, K.P. Rohin, Bhoite S, Holkar G, Ransing S

26-33 full pdf download
MID 0104.067X.0030.IN
ANED 06.067X/D0142633 aned
aned 067X-0104-2633

Fractal Image Compression of Satellite Imageries using range and domain technique

Saema Enjela, Dr.A.G.Ananth

34-37 full pdf download
MID 0104.067X.0031.IN
ANED 06.067X/E0143437 aned
aned 067X-0104-3437
6. MC CDMA PAPR Reduction Using Discrete Logarithmic Method

B.Sarala, D.S.Venketeswarlu, B.N.Bhandari

38-43 full pdf download
MID 0104.067X.0032.IN
ANED 06.067X/F0143843 aned
aned 067X-0104-3843

Fractal Image Compression Technique Using Fixed Level of Scaling
Mallikarjuna Swamy M L, Nagamani K

44-48 full pdf download
MID 0104.067X.0033.IN
ANED 06.067X/G0144448 aned
aned 067X-0104-4448

Comparision of Dct and Dwt of Image Compression Techniques

Amanjot Kaur, Jaspreet Kaur

49-52 full pdf download
MID 0104.067X.0034.IN
ANED 06.067X/H0144952 aned
aned 067X-0104-4952

Performance of Smart and Flexible Parallel Concatenated Turbo Codes for Wireless Sensor Networks

Revanesh.M, Sujatha D.Badiger

53-63 full pdf download
MID 0104.067X.0035.IN
ANED 06.067X/I0145363 aned
aned 067X-0104-5363

A Novel Method on Development of A Grid-Connected Wind/Pv/Bess Hybrid Distributed Generation System

S.Radha Krishna Reddy, Ch.Kamal, Dr.Jbv Subrahmanyam, Anwarunnisa Begum, Y.Udaykiran

64-69 full pdf download
MID 0104.067X.0036.IN
ANED 06.067X/J0146469 aned
aned 067X-0104-6469