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IJERD : Volume 1, Issue 6

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Research Method to Optimize Logger for a Telecom Application Running on Embedded System
M.Rajendra Prasad, V.Sharath , G.Nagendra, K.Damodara Reddy, V.Sridhar

01-09 full pdf download
MID 0106.067X.0057.IN
ANED 06.067X/A0160109 aned
aned 067X-0106-0109

Power System Damping Oscillations in Smib with Pss-Fuzzy Upfc Controller

Kodukula Sowmya, P.Swathi, K.Vijay Kumar, Indranil Saaki

10-16 full pdf download
MID 0106.067X.0058.IN
ANED 06.067X/B0161016 aned
aned 067X-0106-1016

Liver Classification Using Modified Rotation Forest

Bendi Venkata Ramana, Prof. M.Surendra Prasad Babu

17-24 full pdf download
MID 0106.067X.0059.IN
ANED 06.067X/C0161724 aned
aned 067X-0106-1724

Classification of Biological Species Based on Leaf Architecture

Gurpreet Kaur, Gurpinder Kaur

35-42 full pdf download
MID 0106.067X.0061.IN
ANED 06.067X/E0163542 aned
aned 067X-0106-3542

Estimating Velocity of Nailfold Vessels Flow Using Improvised Deconvolution Algorithm

Navneet Kaur and Gurpinder Kaur

43-48 full pdf download
MID 0106.067X.0062.IN
ANED 06.067X/F0164348 aned
aned 067X-0106-4348

Identify Defects in Gears Using Digital Image Processing

Amandeep Mavi, Mandeep Kaur

49-55 full pdf download
MID 0106.067X.0063.IN
ANED 06.067X/G0164955 aned
aned 067X-0106-4955

Prominent Features in Identifying Fibrosis in Microscopic Tissue Images

Sheenum Marwaha, Gurpinder Kaur, Shelza

56-60 full pdf download
MID 0106.067X.0064.IN
ANED 06.067X/H0165660 aned
aned 067X-0106-5660

Electrochemical Treatment of Acid Green V dye solution in a tubular flow reactor

J. Sendhil, P.K.A. Muniswaran

67-74 full pdf download
MID 0106.067X.0066.IN
ANED 06.067X/J0166774 aned
aned 067X-0106-6774