Volume 14 - Issue 10


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IJERD : Volume 14 - Issue 10

(October - 2018)

Ferry Satria, Sutrisno, Asep B Simanjuntak

Wireless Optical Link for Discharge Warning System
  • Abstract
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Overflow of water in a dam or reservoir can cause serious problems to the dam it self and people living surounding. When the water level has exceed danger level or above, spilway gates have to discharge excees water to river basin. Sometimes there are many people doing some activities like diging sand, collecting stones and many others in the river. Unfortunately they are not early warned that there will be a discharge of water from the dam or reservoir. This paper reports design and implementation of wireless optical link for discharge warning system. Firstly wireless optical transceiver comprissing optical transmitter and optical receiver must be implemented and meet line of sight condition...........
River basin, wireless optical , gateways, laser diode, photo diode.

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Ferry Satria, Sutrisno, Asep B Simanjuntak "Wireless Optical Link for Discharge Warning System" published at International Journal of Engineering Research and Development, Volume 14, Issue 10 (October 2018)
MID 1410.067X.0001.
Page 01-07


Dielectric Study of H-Heulandite
  • Abstract
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Natural Zeolite Heulandite belongs to Group VII were collected near Ellora Ajanta belt. characterization was made using XRD,IR at NCL Pune. Dielectric study of H-Helundite was studied using LCR Bridge.
H- Heulandite,Characterization,Dielectric study

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Dr.V.P.Deshpande "Dielectric Study of H-Heulandite" published at International Journal of Engineering Research and Development, Volume 14, Issue 10 (October 2018)
MID 1410.067X.0002. India
Page 08-12