Volume 1 - Issue 2

IJERD : Volume 1 - Issue 2
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1. Experimental Study of Cracking Behaviour for SFRC Beams without Stirrups with Varying A/D Ratio

Vinu R. Patel, Nikunj S. Darji, Dr. I.I.Pandya

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2. Impact Behavior of A356 Albite/ SiC Composites Subjected to Cyclic Thermal Fatigue

N. E. Elzayady, R. M. Rashad and A. Elhabak

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Optimum Aerodynamic Design in Wind Mill Blades using Winglet function

Prof, G Sivaraj, Mr. M Gokul raj

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Embedded Universal Audio Scrambler using OFDM Technique
Sridhar .V, Anil Kumar.M, M.Renuka

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Novel Low Power Hybrid Adders Using 90nm Technology for DSP Applications

B. Sathiyabama, Dr. S. Malarkkan

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6. F.E. Analysis and Experimental Investigation of Effect of Reinforcement Dimensions on Vibration Characteristics of Polypropylene Composite

Satnam Singh, N.K. Batra, Rekha Rattan

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7. Continuous Integration Tool for Load Development in Femto Gateway

Ebin.P.Eldho, Ananthakrishnan, K N Raja Rao

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8. Overview on Partial Image Encryption Approaches

Parameshachari B D, Panduranga H T , Dr. K M S Soyjaudah

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Effect of Co-pesticide on Adsorption- Desorption Process on Agricultural Soils

Rounak M. Shariff

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