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IJERD : Volume 5, Issue 6


Break Even Analysis of a Mobile Crane and Maintenance: a Case Study
Author Sankaraiah. M, Rambabu. E, Eswara Reddy. C
MID 0506.067X.0060.IN
Page 01-07
ANED 06.067X/A05060107 aned
aned 067X-0506-0107



Selection of Wavelet Families for Biomedical Image Compression
Author V.Glaxo , P.Deepak
MID 0506.067X.0061.IN
Page 08-14
ANED 06.067X/B05060814 aned
aned 067X-0506-0814



Fuzzy Based Power Quality Improves with Doubly Fed Induction Generator –Based Wind Turbines
Author J.S.Sathiyanarayanan, Dr A. Senthil kumar
MID 0506.067X.0062.IN
Page 15-19
ANED 06.067X/C05061519 aned
aned 067X-0506-1519



Minimization of Resonant Frequency Oscillations in Terminal Voltages of AC Motors Using Active Damping Technique
Author B. Swathi, U. Chandra Rao, Ch. Rambabu
MID 0506.067X.0063.IN
Page 20-31
ANED 06.067X/D05062031 aned
aned 067X-0506-2031



Study of Mechanical and Microstructural Properties of Polypropylene Reinforced With Al2o3 Nano Composites by Using Friction Stir Welding Process
Author B. Jogarao, P.Madhu Raghava
MID 0506.067X.0064.IN
Page 32-38
ANED 06.067X/E05063238 aned
aned 067X-0506-3238



Using Factory Design Pattern for Database Connection and Daos (Data Access Objects) With Struts Framework
Author Mukesh D. Parsana, Jayesh N. Rathod, Jaladhi D. Joshi
MID 0506.067X.0065.IN
Page 39-47
ANED 06.067X/F05063947 aned
aned 067X-0506-3947



Research Status of Oilfield associated gas
Author Chai Fangyuan
MID 0506.067X.0066.CN
Page 48-50
ANED 06.067X/G05064850 aned
aned 067X-0506-4850